Committed Leadership…

Wherever we find responsibility and accountability, we will probably find commitment. We understand commitment in the marriage relationship. We know parents must be committed to the task of raising children who turn out right. We also connect the importance of commitment to school and work.

When we examine areas of leadership, it naturally follows that we find commitment involved. However, what areas are involved in this commitment?

Some might think we must be committed to fulfilling the vision for the organization, and this is true. We would probably hear about the need for commitment to achieve our goals each year, which is also true.

Among several possibilities, have we ever considered the level of commitment to others? Simon Sinek says, “Leadership is always a commitment to human beings.”

To separate the relationship of people in the commitment to leadership is to miss leadership completely. Without a commitment to people, without the people component in our leadership, the only remaining possibility becomes ego-centric and self-driven.

Our leadership must achieve greater heights for the cause of Christ. May we always be committed to others in our leadership.

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