Is Leadership Worth It?

When we consider the time and energy required to lead, the question becomes, “Is leadership worth it?” After all, are we not be better off to just let someone else lead? Why not focus on ourselves and our family? Would life not be easier if all we had to do is come home and look out for ourselves?

We could ask numerous questions related to the demands of leadership and how it affects us on a personal level.

Without any doubt, life appears as though it might be easier, at least initially. However, will the long-term results be worth the decision?

From the family to the church, people will follow someone. The question to consider at this point is, “Who will they follow?”

If we relinquish the opportunity to lead, will we be content if our children follow someone or something else?

If brethren decide to follow the path of error, will we accept the consequences for our choice not to lead?

When we weigh it all out, we will probably find that leadership is worth whatever it takes!

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