Count Down…

As we count down the last few days of 2016 we begin preparations for the start of a new year. Before we specifically plan for 2017 we need to ask a few questions.

What was the high point of our leadership development in 2016?

What was the low point of our leadership development in 2016?

If we could go back and start the clock over in 2016, what one area would we change?

How have we prepared for the beginning of 2017?

Who are the individuals that impacted our life the most in 2016?

When we consider our sphere of influence, is there an individual with whom we could invest our time?

Have we considered where we were at the beginning of 2016, where we are now at the end, and where we want to be this same time next year?

Plans for the new year are the focus of tomorrow’s post, but before we consider any plan for the new year, we need to evaluate our answers to these questions. They will make a difference in how we plan tomorrow.

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