Last Minute Decisions…

We make thousands of decisions each day, most of which hold little consequence. However, we do face times when decisions of great consequence must be made.

These decisions can be personal, professional, or simply practical. The great challenge occurs when we must make last minute decisions as they relate to consequential matters.

What process might help us make the best decision in these situations?

The process should include prayer. Remember, not all prayer involves eyes closed and head bowed. Sometimes prayer occurs with our eyes wide open and our hearts engaged.

While faced with little time to make a decision is never ideal, we still need to gather as much information as possible prior to the decision. The more information the better.

Consider the consequences if we do not make a decision. What happens to the people who surround us if we decide to not act in this situation? How will indecisiveness affect our leadership?

Last minute decisions are not usually easy to make, but always make them based on how they impact others first. This outward-thinking process can quickly simplify the decision and strengthen the core of our leadership.

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