Leadership Design…

“A ship is safe in the harbor but that is not what it was designed to do.” Unknown

A question came to mind when I first read this quote: What is our leadership designed to do?

We are masters at remaining safe. We long to avoid the challenges, controversies, and confrontations that often accompany leadership.

No one is an advocate of seeking out any of these three, but they will be part of our leadership.

The answer to our question is simple. We were designed to lead. Too often I hear of situations where men are qualified to lead, but unwilling to step up and take the responsibility. Why? Because they feel safe where they are at.

The Lord’s church needs men who are willing to step up no matter how difficult the challenge, controversy, or confrontation.

One day we will stand before God and we do not want our ship still safely in the harbor. Our leadership was never designed for such. Rise up men of God and lead!

Our God has called us to the greatest task on earth.

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