Until Death…

These two words are connected to several thoughts. In a wedding ceremony they become part of the vows exchanged. We conclude with, “until death do you part.”

We also find these words used of Jesus in speaking to the church at Smyrna, as He concluded “…be faithful until death and I will give you the crown of life.”

The idea of behind the usage of these words indicates a level of dedication. There is an understanding of commitment deeply tied to the use of this phrase.

It also significant to notice the reward stated by Jesus is only given to those who hold true to their dedication and commitment.

In several areas of life, even leadership, when difficulties arise, change, distractions, interruptions, or a failure to measure up to our expectations, our culture looks for the bail out.

Consider the difference that could be made if we all honored our commitments.

Can we imagine the lives we could change by having hearts with such dedication?

There is much to be said for men and women who build on a foundation defined by these two words…until death!

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