Nervous or Excited…

Recently, while listening to a youtube interview with Simon Sinek, I was fascinated by his response to a question about performance under pressure.

Sinek’s response was one that resonated across the board and one that possesses great potential in all areas of leadership.

He discussed how everyone deals with situations where we face pressure, and the tendency is to think we are nervous. The body reacts with an increased heart rate; we get tense and maybe a bit sweaty as we anticipate what is ahead. Interestingly, these are the same reactions our body experiences when we get excited.

The difference involves learning to interpret the signs through another type of lens. Instead of thinking we are nervous, we need to view it as a level of excitement.

The mental exercise of learning to retrain the way we view and think about the situation requires a little time, but creates a powerful approach to the pressures that exist and how we move ahead.

Consider the difference that occurs when we experience the desire to rush forward instead of fall back.

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