People, It’s All About People…

Have you ever observed people at the mall, grocery store, bank, airport, or just driving down the highway. Who are they? Where do they live? Where are they going? Are they married? Do they have children…grandchildren? Do they believe in God?

The list of questions is endless. The number of people who live and travel everywhere is incredible, really more mind boggling.

The only way to know anything about them is to get involved in their lives. The challenge is taking that step. How can we lead someone to the Savior without this connection?

More than likely, we need to overcome some of our inhibition to take this step.

We need to overcome fear!

What are we afraid of the most? Rejection? Failure? Making a mistake?

The application of this thought is true whether talking to a stranger at an airport or a neighbor across the street.

Leading anyone to Christ involves the first step to move past our fear and connect to their lives. As challenging as the step may seem, the emotional connection of genuine love makes the difference.

Think Souls! Love People!

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