Last Chance…

While traveling across the country it is not uncommon to see signs indicating this may be the last chance to get fuel, food, or rest. As the country develops these signs become less frequent. However, the message does have a significant meaning.

We have no way to determine exactly how long we have before desperation creates a situation of panic and despair.

A number of warning signs may indicate we face the last chance for something significant when considering our leadership.

This may be the last chance to help someone reach their potential in fulfilling personal dreams and goals.

This may be the last chance to prepare those closest to us with a legacy that will help them carry on without us.

This may be the last chance to build a relationship that improves our ability to lead others to greater success.

No one knows when that last chance might be, but if we treat every opportunity as the last chance, then what we accomplish makes a lasting difference.

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