Adult Leadership Development…

The subject is as broad as it sounds and there are more questions to be asked than imaginable. Yet, the formation of an approach to adult leadership development is essential for the future.

One of the great downfalls of the current context of the church involves the struggles facing many congregations in the area of leadership.

Congregations are struggling with poorly equipped, and at times unqualified, leaders or no leadership at all. Sadly, far too many congregations of the Lord’s people have no idea who will fill the needed leadership positions in the days ahead.

A plan needs to developed in each congregation for the training, equipping, and developing leaders to prepare for the spiritual warfare that faces the church.

God’s people need to recognize the challenges before us and the current leadership of today must rise up to prepare leaders for tomorrow.

We should all be aware of the consequences of failing to plan for adult leadership development. What we need is a vision of the benefits for the Lord’s kingdom that will be experienced in the next generation. This will impact our children!

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