Mark of Greatness…Part 4

Concluding our thoughts on the mark of greatness, we consider one final area demonstrated by our Lord: His confidence in twelve men to turn the world upside down.

Jesus taught, encouraged, admonished, and equipped these men in preparation for the work He commissioned them to fulfill.

Looking at these four words and thinking about how Jesus individualized each them, the lessons are powerful in leadership greatness today.

Teach: People will only do the work they are taught to do. One of the areas where teaching / preaching falls short is application. We are good to give information and share the imperatives, but “how” do we do it? When the application is provided, we all learn how to fulfill the task.

Encourage: The ability to encourage others motivates them to work harder than before. When criticism is tempered with encouragement, people change.

Admonish: Warning, advising, or even reprimanding others is needed to prevent harm from occurring in the lives of others. The attitude behind admonition determines the reception.

Equip: Providing the necessary tools to fulfill the given task and responsibility are vital to the success of followers, especially as we prepare them to lead.

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