A Kind Word…

In the harshness of our twenty-first century world, the power behind a word spoken in kindness represents the nature of leadership greatness that God desires.

The value of speaking with kindness benefits every level of a leaders influence. When a word is spoken with kindness, notice what occurs.

The desire to provide benefit to another person becomes a priority.

The value or worth of the individual is raised to a higher level of importance.

The biblical thought behind the fruit of the Spirit testifies to the development of Christlike qualities.

The goal of unity among brethren is exemplified through our efforts to serve one another.

The example of Christ’s sacrifice is characterized by the actions of His disciples.

The outreach to a world of nonChristians builds on a foundation of love that reflects the nature of God.

More could be said about the power of such words spoken. Kindness requires us to get our personal agendas, preconceived ideas, desires, and motivations out of the way so we can display our Christian light and glorify God.

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