If It Was Easy…

I remember hearing someone say, “if it was easy, everyone would do it.” Regardless of the specific application, the thought addresses a powerful truth about leadership.

When we consider the challenges incurred in leadership, we know it is not easy. Anytime people are involved, there will be opinions, objectives, and opportunities.

Opinions vary from one person to the next and everybody has one. Leaders face the task of harnessing these various opinions and channeling them in the same direction to achieve the goal.

Objectives also introduce numerous challenges. Not everyone shares the same objective. Additionally, the influences connected to a person’s educational, social, familial, and political contexts play a huge factor in their personal objectives.

Opportunities abound when leading people who possess various opinions and objectives. It is not always easy to see, however. Leaders must recognize the opportunity to learn from the opinions and objectives of others and direct the energies behind them into an effort that brings unity to the whole.

No, it is not an easy task, but then again, if it was everyone would do it. For those who do, the longterm rewards are eternal.

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