A Spiritual Catalyst…Part 2

As a catalyst, leaders incite forward and positive movement. For a leader to benefit in developing the characteristics of a catalyst, there must be a genuine interest in others.

Genuine interest is much easier said than done. Also, there are individuals we are more genuinely interested in than others.

Leaders are familiar with individuals who can be emotionally draining. The time and energy demanded can be challenging.

A genuine interest in others requires a few key components.

Genuine interest requires the ability to listen. Far too often the tendency is to think about a response, rather than listening to the words, body language, and tone of voice.

Genuine interest requires eye contact. When there is disinterest it is hard not to look at the clock/watch, At best, eye contact becomes challenging, and at worst, we struggle just to stay awake.

Genuine interest requires appropriate questions. Asking appropriate questions, i.e. who, why, how, when, what, helps identify interest in the lives of others.

A few key components make a catalyst leader effective in their leadership.

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