The Focus Is On…

Something happens during the transition from following to leadership. One of the great myths about leadership is that when we reach this position, we get to focus on ourselves. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Leaders should be cautious about what they say, how they write, and the influence they have when leading others.

When our speech (spoken or written) is filled with personal pronouns, e.g. “me,” “myself,” and “I,” then leaders need to step back and evaluate what, or perhaps more appropriate, who they are promoting.

The strength of true spiritual leadership must always be focused on the good of others, even at the expense of self.

When Jesus was teaching the apostles about being a servant (Jn. 13), He used the term love regarding a new commandment. The powerful influence of this type of leadership is that all people will know we are His disciples if we have love for one another.

How do we demonstrate love if our words and actions betray that love for the purpose of serving self?

Leadership is filled with its challenges, not the least of which is “self.”

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