Truth and Leadership…

Synonyms for truth make for some interesting application. Honest, sincere, genuine, and trustworthy are a few that seem natural and positive. However, candid, frank, forthright, and straight are words with a little more spice to them.

Considering the opposite of truthfulness leads in one direction, deception.

Leaders need to not only be truthful in relationship to followers, they need to be truthful with themselves.

One of the greatest challenges for leaders is to be honest enough with themselves to make the kind of decisions that demonstrate integrity.

Being truthful with the direction we should take may not always align with our initial choice.

Being truthful with those who are invested in following will not allow us to be self-centered.

Being truthful with God will always lead in paths of righteousness.

The application of truthfulness often falls short because leaders can fall prey to justifying their actions and convincing themselves something is true, when in reality it is false.

Leaders must be careful not to allow good intentions to vindicate pretentious actions.

Be truthful with self, others and God in all areas.

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