What Questions Are We Asking? Part 1

Voltaire is noted as having said, “Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.”

The Forbes website provides information about several areas concerning leadership.

One specific article focuses on “Four Questions Great Leaders Ask.” Over the next few days we want to look at each of these questions and how they apply to spiritual leaders.

The first question: “Is this urgent or essential?”

Every leader wrestles with determining the difference between urgent and essential matters. Often times the urgent matters distract leaders from what is essential. A common phrase is “the tyranny of the urgent.”

While leaders in every field deal with how to address the balance between these two areas, the stakes increase when considering spiritual/eternal matters.

Jesus was the Master at asking questions. One of the great studies of the Gospel accounts involves the questions asked by or of Jesus. A study of these questions demonstrates the powerful leadership of our Lord.

Spiritual leaders are needed who recognize what is essential and lead with an urgency to help others discover the way to what is essential for their lives.

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