What Questions Are We Asking? Part 3

Is this urgent or essential? What should we stop doing? These two questions provide the foundation for the questions that great leaders ask.

The third question Mike Maddock contributes in this Forbes article is another step in leadership development: “What makes you feel strongest?”

There is no doubt when it comes to great leaders needing to understand their strengths and weaknesses. They know the areas where they are weak and how to find the individuals who have strengths to complement those areas.

By doing so, great leaders continue to focus on their strengths. Numerous sources claim that leaders should focus 80% of their time in areas of their strengths and only 20% in areas of weakness.

While this may sound opposite to what we consider the right approach, great leaders tend to prove the theory.

Focusing on the areas of passion and strength makes a good leader great, and makes a great leader outstanding.

The challenge for us is taking the time to ask the right questions and make sure we provide the answers to deliver what is needed to reach our greatest potential.

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