Leading with Optimism…

Optimism projects hope and confidence about the future or successful outcome of a specific area.

The contrast between leaders who are optimistic and those who are not seems to be associated with age and experience. As leaders age and encounter negative experiences in life, it can hinder optimistic leadership.

The challenge is how to overcome the pessimistic tendencies and keep hope and confidence alive. Among the many possibilities, here are a few suggestions:

1) Remember, “everyone” is not against us.

2) Stop trying to live in or change the past, because we cannot.

3) Be surrounded by optimistic people who cast a vision of hope.

4) Be realistic about personal expectations.

5) Learn to accept who we are as a person.

6) Express gratitude for what we have physically and spiritually.

7) Reflect more often on the positive areas of life.

The internet is loaded with ways to develop a more optimistic focus in life. As leaders, it is worth the time we take to share optimism with those who follow.

Try it and see how contagious it becomes.

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