Leading for the Next Generation…

Few subjects hold the amount of significance and weight as the subject in today’s post. Without a doubt, a desperate need exists for more and greater leaders today.

A number of books address the next generation of leaders and how the future of the home, country, corporate world, and, above all, church requires our attention in this area. However, a major downfall is found in the approach to succession planning for the next generation.

What are we doing to prepare the next generation of leaders? Have we considered the consequences currently experienced in the church because previous generations lacked a plan? Are we willing to passively watch from the sidelines as another generation arises without the proper preparation and tools to lead?

We have much to consider and the longer we procrastinate the more difficult the journey becomes to equip the next generation of leaders.

A number of steps are essential to lay the foundation and walk into the future equipped to meet the problem head on and change the direction of tomorrow for the next generation. Next week, we will examine several steps needed for this foundation.

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