Next Generation…Prayer

Last week, we discussed the challenge of equipping the next generation to lead. As noted on Friday, there are a number of steps that are essential to lay the proper foundation.

If there is one step that enables us to consider the proper direction, it is prayer. Nothing is more foundational. We must pray for guidance and ask God to help us equip the next generation to lead.

Read the accounts in the Old Testament where Joshua and Israel marched into Canaan. Every time they did not seek prior counsel with God, consequences were incurred.

If we feel we can rely on the past, some form of “wingin’ it,” or a laissez faire approach in our efforts, we are already defeated.

We also need to know that it will take more than a casual mention of the need when we think of it. We must be fervent, diligent, persistent, and plead with God to help us, because of the consequences if we do not.

Think seriously about the nature of the situation and start praying now about how we can take the next step to achieve our purpose.

2 comments on “Next Generation…Prayer

  1. Thierry Ekele says:

    💯👍. We can’t never do it on our own. John 15:1-6. We need God daily as we need to breath. He is the best we can give to them.

  2. Thierry Ekele says:

    The power of prayer is amazing. Moving without praying to God is great Danger indeed. We must all time the it to God via Jesus before we move. Without communicating with God via prayer before any move we are just like sheep without sherperd. We should teach to the youths the Prayer Room technique. It should be our daily practice. “WAR ROOM” movie should be watch by our children and we shall be use it daily. God bless

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