Life On The Vine…Part 5

Patience is often claimed to be a desired virtue, but one we fail to demonstrate. How can patience be cultivated in a society that is geared toward productivity.

The clock becomes a slave driver and the loss of control challenges our level of patience.

Kenneson claims that patience, or being a patient, have the common thread of yielding control to another (109).

Biblical patience has an object, not patience for the purpose of patience, but for the sake of another.

The obstacles to patience include several areas: segmenting, regulating, and hoarding time, as well as, exalting productivity, and the desire for speed. In a culture driven by such areas our patience is tested to its full strength.

Patience can be cultivated by remembering our relationship with God, including God’s patience with us in those times we were stumbling through life trying to determine our place in God’s redemptive story.

We also cultivate patience by thinking of time differently––as a gift instead of commodity.

Demonstrating patience helps support the strength of leadership as others are led to see the working of God through Christ for their lives.

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