Lead with Purpose…

Leading with purpose involves a direction of higher calling. The task is about helping others become leaders. Only then, by reproducing of ourselves, can we as Christians fulfill the Great Commission and change the world by teaching those who are faithful to teach others also.

John Holt said it this way: “Leaders are not, as we are often led to think, people who go along with huge crowds following them. Leaders are people who go their own way without caring, or even looking to see, whether anyone is following them. “Leadership qualities” are not the qualities that enable people to attract followers, but those that enable them to do without them. They include, at the very least, courage, endurance, patience, humor, flexibility, resourcefulness, stubbornness, a keen sense of reality, and the ability to keep a cool and clear head, even when things are going badly. True leaders, in short, do not make people into followers, but into other leaders.”

With a godly mindset, may we all lead with the qualities and purpose of biblical leadership.

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