A Positive Change…

A few years ago, I heard a devotional about the positive nature of change. In discussing the lesson afterwards, two reasons were shared why people are apprehensive to change.

1) They feel change will cause them to lose something from the past they want to hold on to. The idea is that if someone changes, the structure, concept, or approach may be lost.

2) The second reason is fear, a fear of the unknown, fear of uncertainty, or a fear of losing control.

However, the nature of change brings several positive qualities.

Questions are generated for gaining a better perspective in prioritizing our purpose in going forward.

Change leads to improvement. Becoming more Christ-like requires us to change.

We rally together in a unified effort to work for a common purpose.

Change creates firsts we have never experienced which bring enjoyment and satisfaction.

Our faith is bolstered as we move into the unknown. We learn to trust God for strength.

Additionally, change brings an air of excitement and enthusiasm.

The lesson concluded with this incredible thought: “Embrace change, for it is the stuff of a brighter tomorrow.”

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