Leading as a Father…

I memorized scripture as a child sitting on his lap. I read the Bible to him every morning before school.

I listened to him sing praises to God. I heard countless sermons throughout my life.

He read the entire New Testament every month and the Old Testament twice a year. He was the best evangelist I have ever known. He led more souls to Christ than I can count.

I did not understand or appreciate his leadership growing up. I took for granted the hours of prayer on my behalf and the times he would ask “have you read your Bible today?”

However, there are no words to express how thankful I am for all he did to shape me into the person I am. He would have turned 83 today.

I continue to be blessed by his influence, and I pray God will help me lead my children and grandchildren as he led me.

1 comment on “Leading as a Father…

  1. Marty Knight says:

    He was an amazing man. Thankful that he was a big part our lives.

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