Critical Crisis…

At every level, leaders are in high demand, from the political to the spiritual arena. In time of crisis what should we do? There are several possibilities.

1) Do nothing.
2) Deny there is a crisis and continue on the same course.
3) Ignore the crisis hoping it will take care of itself.
4) Procrastinate and allow the wrong leadership to take control.
5) Address the crisis with a plan of action to change the direction of the future.

The obvious solution is clear. Developing a plan of action requires us to account for the following.

1) Acknowledge the problem(s).
2) Examine the severity of the situation.
3) Remove the element(s) poisoning the situation.
4) Develop a support system for current leaders.
5) Begin an immediate course of preparing leaders for the future.

We can change the future, but we must act and we must act now!

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