Month: February 2020

saltCast013 – Why Counseling?

Questions are unending when we explore the subject of counseling. Why should leaders consider counseling for their congregation? What should leaders do to implement a counseling program? David Henniger closes out our series about Leadership and Counseling by guiding us in a discussion to answer these questions.


saltCast 012 – Biblical Counseling

When we consider the importance of counseling, consideration should be given to what the Bible says about this vital subject. This week, David Henniger discusses with us several biblical texts that deal with counseling. What do these passages teach and what can we learn from them as they relate to leadership and counseling?


saltCast 011 – Protective Practices

Numerous dangers surround leaders when they get involved in counseling others. In today’s saltCast, David Henniger continues to discuss the role of leadership in counseling. He provides a number of practical guidelines to protect leaders in their ministry when counseling.


Bob Turner – Trustworthy Character

The most viable commodity of any leader is trust. As spiritual leaders, we understand the need to trust God completely, but can God trust us? Do the people who follow trust us? In this saltTalk, Bob Turner talks about the need to be trustworthy in our leadership.