Month: May 2020

saltCast026 Relationships Between Preachers and Elders

In our final episode with Kerry Williams, Kerry explains what it means for leaders to be followers of Christ and set an example for others to emulate. We also enjoyed the privilege of asking Kerry about his advice to help improve the relationship between preachers and elders.


saltCast025 Leadership in the Home

Kerry Williams continues to visit with us in today’s saltCast about a new podcast he and his wife, Lenora, started called Picture Parenting. Kerry describes the joy that we find within the family and the significant role of spiritual leadership in the home.


saltCast024 Changes in Leadership Over 25 Years

In this first of three saltCasts with Kerry Williams, we have learn about Kerry’s background in ministry and his role in the Lake Tahoe Family Encampment. He also discusses changes he has witnessed in leadership over his last twenty-five years of ministry.


Bob Turner – Leadership and Self-Deception

Leadership requires the development of healthy relationships. These relationships are vital to the success of any organization, especially the church. In this saltTalk Bob discusses three books from the Arbinger Institute that provide direction for improving relationships as leaders.


saltCast023 Functional and Dysfunctional Leaders

We continue our discussion with Gary Bradley from the Mayfair congregation in Huntsville, AL. In this saltCast, Gary describes the contrast between functional and dysfunctional elders. He also provides us with a few critical steps that will help elders become more functional.