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Testing our Leadership…

Based on experience, most students prefer to skip tests.

However, tests are biblical and spiritual leaders will face them throughout their leadership.

Abraham is an example. God tested Abraham by commanding him to offer his only son, Isaac, as a burnt offering.

The New Testament letter from James speaks about the testing of our faith. The result produces endurance which leads to completeness.

With this in mind, how should leaders respond when tested?

Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance.
Read God’s word and focus on the purpose.
Seek counsel from leaders who have passed tests.
Trust God’s use of tests to make us into His leaders.

Principles for Leadership…

Principles indicate a fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior or for a chain of reasoning. Think about it as a rule that governs our personal behavior.

As leaders, we need to ask the following.

1) Why have principles to govern behavior?

2) What governs our personal behavior?

3) Are they based on humanistic or biblical foundations?

4) Will others see consistency between our principles and behavior?

When leaders consider the answers to these questions regarding principles and behavior, the steps to harmonize them will develop leadership worth following.

Hide and Seek…

Children often play the game “Hide and Seek.” 

When my granddaughter was younger, she introduced a little twist to the game. She told me where she was hiding and wanted me to find her. Hmmm. Of course, she expected the same in return.

While games are fun, it raised a thought about leadership. Are we playing a game of hide and seek when it comes to leading others? 

Do we inform people where we are and where we can be found, or do we leave them wondering, or perhaps, wandering?

Let us be clear in the direction we lead, so others can easily seek and find. Sounds biblical to me!