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Time-Oriented Challenges…

A time-oriented culture can be tough. Everything has a place and time. Everything begins and ends around the schedule.

A time-oriented leadership also faces many challenges.

In our culture, there is the desire for what is convenient. If the amount of time needed is inconvenient, then it is unlikely people will get involved.

Leaders must work within the perimeters of the time required to carry out the work. Therefore, it is crucial to know the specifics of the needed time for each phase of the work. 

If answers are provided by leaders, then the time-oriented nature of culture can be used to reach the goal.

Leading In Culture…

Do leaders shape culture or does culture shape leaders?

We might think the answer is both, and that is true. Certainly the culture has an influence on leadership and leadership has an influence on culture.

However, spiritual leaders cannot allow the culture to dictate the direction of God’s people, but they must shape the culture into the image of Jesus.

How can leaders do so?

First, we must learn and understand the culture.
Second, recognize the need of culture.
Third, provide an example for the culture.
And fourth, guide them to a better culture.

Just a few steps can shape the changes needed to direct a greater focus toward Christ.