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Strategic Leadership…

Director of Strategic Leadership at the University of Tennessee, Dr. Kate Atchley, requires each student to answer the following questions.

Where are you as a leader?
What kind of leader do you want to be?
What is the gap between these two points?
What kind of plan needs to be developed to bridge the gap?

This type of self-evaluation is essential for advancing a strategic plan in leadership development. While the assessment is part of a business leadership model, the spiritual application has powerful implications.

We need to ask, “Are we bridging the gap between where we are and where we want (or perhaps need) to be?”

Evaluating Leaders…

One of the keys to success in construction is not only the ability to read a blueprint, but continually evaluating the blueprint to ensure they do not deviate from it.

Consider the problems that arise when someone looks at a blueprint one time and never goes back to see if the plans are followed correctly.

Spiritually, if we do not continually evaluate God’s blueprint, destructive results occur. Variations create division and weaken our efforts to reach a world that deeply needs Jesus.

The problem can be summed up by the lack of leadership evaluating the God-given blueprint.