Tag: Change

Leaders Who Learn…

The truly successful managers and leaders of the next century will be determined not by what they know but by how fast they can learn! ~ Strategy & Business

The nature and speed of change in our world should not deter us from pursuing effective leadership.

We should not become discouraged when making decisions.

Also, we must avoid dwelling in the past, frustrated by technology, and give up.

We should be motivated to learn and learn quickly.

Our purpose must be driven by this desire, because learning helps us discover greater ways to influence others for Christ.

Heart of Leaders…

Do we have the heart for leadership? Our leadership is about influence, passion, character, vision and much more. If we have the heart for leadership we do what is necessary to prepare ourselves in each area to grow and develop appropriately.

Do we have the heart for people? Good leadership involves people and no two people are alike. Having a heart for people means being a part of their lives and being transparent with our own. Connecting with people raises leadership to incredible heights and makes an eternal difference.

Not everyone has the heart for it. However, those who have a heart for leadership change the future.