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Two of the most unused, yet powerful words are “thank you.” Gratitude is vital to our leadership.

Leaders should be thankful because…

1) God has placed them in this position.
2) Influencing others for the Lord is the greatest task on earth.
3) Hope is the message provided through godly leaders.
4) Others trust leaders to show them the way.
5) Leadership make an eternal difference.

Leaders must recognize why they should be thankful as much as understanding what they are thankful for and the need to show gratitude.

Our God is great. Let us thank Him who has given us leaders!

A Fire-Lighter

Who are the fire-lighters in your life? We all have them and we need those who can excite passion within us.

Albert Schweitzer once said, “At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.”

As a leader, we need to light the fires of others.

Who knows, but in that moment when we stop to extend a helping hand, speak an encouraging word, or give the most valuable gift––our time, we make an eternal difference.

Opinions, Objectives, Opportunities

Anytime we lead people there will be opinions, objectives, and opportunities.

Opinions vary from one person to the next and everybody has one. Leaders must harness these various opinions and channel them in a direction that achieves the goal.

Objectives also introduce numerous challenges. Not everyone shares the same objective.

Opportunities abound when leading people who possess various opinions and objectives.

The opportunity to learn from the opinions and objectives of others and direct the energies behind them into an effort that brings unity to the whole is powerful.

If it were an easy task everyone would do it. For those who do, the long-term rewards are eternal.

Share the Blessing

What are the odds, out of all the people on earth who have never heard the name of Jesus, you and I were fortunate enough to hear it?

Why were we blessed to hear the Gospel when many in the world hear an altered version if they hear it at all?

Maybe you have never considered these questions, but we need to recognize the responsibility that comes with this opportunity.

Should we keep it to ourselves? Can we really go through each day without considering the numbers of those who walk through life unaware of what awaits in eternity?

This blessing is meant to be shared.


Life has highs and lows. There are times we are on top of the mountain, and times when we walk through a valley.

As leaders, we are messengers of hope. People can endure almost anything if they know there is something better ahead. This is the power of hope.

We must help others recognize that our hope is not built on the promise of a better physical life, but something beyond this life and beyond compare.

Hope was the driving force for the early church, even in the face of death.

Better days are ahead, maybe not in this life, but God holds eternity.

Courageous Leaders

How will our influence be remembered in the church and community where we live and serve?

Will we be remembered because of the change we made for the better?

Will our leadership have an impact for the eternal good of others?

Harry Truman once said, ”Men make history and not the other way around. In periods where there is no leadership, society stands still. Progress occurs when courageous, skillful leaders seize the opportunity to change things for the better.”

If it seems as though the world stands still around us, then maybe it is time we stood up to lead. Seize the opportunity to change things for the better.

The Center of Leadership

What is our center?

When our center as a leader is spiritually motivated, life becomes about demonstrating toward others the qualities of godliness.

As we seek to determine our center here are a few questions to consider.

1) Do we feel inconvenienced by others?

2) Are we motivated by self preservation more than an eternal destination?

3) Are times in prayer, study, and worship more difficult to work into our schedule?

4) Where do we find the most pleasure?

5) Are our words and actions driven by a core that is self-centered or others-directed?

Honestly answering a few questions will help us find our center.

The Future of Leadership

Leading is about the future. From a spiritual perspective, nothing is more important than what the eternal future holds.

However, on a more pragmatic level, leaders need to consider what the future of their leadership looks like.

Will the future hold growth and development for the church or will we be stagnant?

Will our vision point to a future where leadership is stronger or will leadership decline?

Asking questions can be unending. Yet, in the end, we must consider the necessity of planning today to ensure the future of growth and stronger leadership.

To do so, requires us to have a vision for it!

Why Leadership…Part 3

I cannot exhaust the possibilities as to why we should study leadership, but let me share one concluding thought.

Eternity Matters: Above all else, the reason for studying leadership directs us to God’s plan beyond the physical realm. Yes, leadership is God’s plan. It is needed in the home, church, and in the lives of all people, and the reason is because eternity matters. If this one thought became the focus of all we do in life, every thought, word, and action, and every person that graced our path in life was seen in view of eternity, imagine the difference.

Transitional Leadership

Transitions build bridges between the various components of our communication. These bridges make it easier for people to follow what we attempt to express.

As leaders, our role is about transitions. We build bridges in three areas.

We build a bridge in relationships. Unless we establish and maintain quality relationships, our transition into spiritual matters falls short.

We build a bridge for future leaders. There will always be a need for leadership, now and the future. We must make this transition smooth.

We build a bridge to eternity. Ultimately, the task before us is to help make the transition from the physical realm to the spiritual.