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Best in Leadership

Bring out the best in others. Isn’t that what we all desire?

Although the author is unknown, this quote is amazing. “In life, you will realize there is a role for everyone you meet. Some will test you, some will use you, some will love you, and some will teach you. But the ones who are truly important are the ones who bring out the best in you. They are the rare and amazing people who remind you why it’s worth it.”

As leaders, may we always remember that our task in this life is to bring out the best in other people.

Leading with Love

The character of love, as defined by God, is a love that is unmerited, steadfast, suffering, and knows no bounds. It should move us to consider that there is nothing we can do to make God love us more, and nothing we can do to make Him love us less. His very essence is love.

Love is always divinely defined by what is done for others, in this case, you and me.

In a marketing environment that is based on self-interest and one that puts a price on everything (and everyone), cultivating love will require a devotion of our time in building relationships.

This is the essence of leadership.


Being observant is essential in leadership. The power of observation is deeply connected to its definition.

Alert: When leaders are alert, they are quick to notice anything unusual or potentially dangerous.

Watchful: Leaders who are carefully watching others and the situation lead out of concern.

Aware: When there is a knowledge or perception of a situation or fact, leaders are aware.

Attentive: To be attentive, leaders must pay close attention to someone or something.

The basis for successful leadership is found in being observant, and this kind of leadership is not easy. It requires diligence, time, patience, and great love.


Biblically, love involves seeking the highest good for the other person. Love cannot be self-directed or direct the actions of others.

When leaders do this, it is generally because of selfish motives.

When leaders truly understand and lead out of love for souls, we find sacrifice and determination to see that others find a way to heaven. A couple of ideas about leading out of love.

Love gives without expecting to receive something in return.
Love seeks opportunity to serve in all situations.
Love desires the best for others, even at the cost of personal comfort.

Lead out of love and know the power it brings to leadership.

Eliminating Self

When our speech (spoken or written) is filled with personal pronouns, e.g. “me,” “myself,” and “I,” then leaders need to step back and evaluate what, or perhaps more appropriate, who they are promoting.

The strength of spiritual leadership must be focused on the good of others, even at the expense of self.

Jesus taught the need of being a servant (Jn. 13), He used the term love regarding a new commandment.

This type of leadership testifies to our discipleship of Jesus.

How do we demonstrate love if our words and actions are self-serving?

Leadership is filled with its challenges, not the least of which is serving self.

Genuineness #1

People seek a leader who is genuine, or authentic.

Several hindrances challenge the genuineness of a leader, most of which stem from self: personal agenda, money, power, position, etc.

These areas do not mean an individual cannot be genuine. However, they do hinder the development of genuineness.

How can genuineness in leadership improve?

1) Think about the influence of your words and actions before you speak or act.

2) Use knowledge, commitment, and ability to lay the foundation for decisions and actions.

3) Deliver honest criticism in a spirit of love and concern for the well being of others.

The Gift of Today

What exactly does each day provide for our leadership? We have an opportunity to:

…reflect on yesterday and decide how to make changes for the day ahead.

…focus on today’s priorities realizing this may be the only day we are given.

…prepare ourselves for the day the Lord returns or we are called to Him.

…share the gospel with others who may never have another opportunity.

…share the depth of our love with those we often take for granted.

Each day is a gift from God. Recognize it and seek ways to live a fulfilling life in service to Him.


The value of speaking with kindness benefits every level of a leader’s influence. When a word is spoken with kindness, notice what occurs.

Providing benefit to another person becomes a priority.

An individual’s value is raised to a higher level.

Unity is exemplified through our efforts to serve one another.

Outreach to the world reflects the nature of God’s love.

Kindness requires us to get our personal agendas, preconceived ideas, desires, and motivations out of the way so we can display our Christian light and glorify God.

The Power of Love

Loving those who do not deserve it is more than challenging.

Think about how God must feel when He continues to give and receives nothing in return. Worse yet, how does He feel when we blatantly reject His love pursuing our own selfish desires?

An old Swedish Proverb says, “Love me when I least deserve it, because that’s when I really need it.”

When we show an unconditional love, especially to those who deserve it the least, two possibilities occur: 1) We demonstrate a God-like spirit, and 2) We help those who really need it understand the nature of God’s love as seen through us.

Lead in love!


Have you ever observed people at the mall, grocery store, bank, airport, or driving down the highway. Who are they? Where do they live? Where are they going? Are they married? Do they have children…grandchildren? Do they believe in God?

The questions are endless. The number of people in this world is mind boggling.

The only way to know anything about them is to get involved in their lives. It is a challenging step. How can we lead them to Jesus without this connection?

Leading anyone to Christ involves moving past our fear and getting connected. The emotional connection of genuine love makes all the difference.