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Bob’s daily blog of leadership points.

Leadership Thought Of The Day…

“It is only as we develop others that we permanently succeed.” Harvey S. Firestone

Spiritual leadership should be based on the great point made in this statement.

John Maxwell says, “to add growth, lead followers. To multiply, lead leaders.”

This approach involves developing others. We must equip and train others to lead. Who will replace you and me? Are we working to prepare them for the work?

Leadership, from a worldly point of view, is inward focused. This mindset begins to think the work cannot be done without “me.”

One must be self-centered in order to make one’s own way. Robert Kennedy said; “people say I am ruthless. I am not ruthless. And if I find the man who is calling me ruthless, I shall destroy him.”

Jesus demonstrated a different application. The apostles were developed for a task they were commissioned to do. The success of their work continues today and will throughout eternity.

The apostle Paul addressed this mindset in writing to the church at Philippi.

The success of our leadership, and the future of the church, rests on developing others.

Do We Believe It?

People believe in some pretty bizarre things. Do we believe “Bigfoot” exists? Do we believe Elvis is still alive and hiding somewhere? Do we believe in UFO’s / aliens from other planets? Do we believe in the theory of evolution?

Not this post, or any other, will be designed to discuss these matters at any level. However, it causes me to wonder about what we believe and why we believe it.

Amazingly, and getting straight to the point, when we believe something, we talk about it to others. We express why our belief is so strong. When we do not believe there seems to be no purpose.

Quoting from the Old Testament, Paul wrote to the church at Corinth “I believe therefore I speak.”

We have opportunity to influence many people everyday. It is fundamental to leadership. Are we talking about what we believe? Do we speak because of the overwhelming nature of what we believe and why we believe it?

The power of communication allows us an avenue to share a belief system based on the evidence of truth. Make it count!

Weather Forecast…

Several years back I was introduced to the weather rock. Somehow, I believe it was connected to a hillbilly forecaster. It worked quite simply.

If the rock is wet, it is raining.
If the rock is white, it is snowing.
If the rock casts a shadow, it is sunny.

You get the point.

While the idea was useless in the realm of forecasting the future, it was great for the obvious.

It reminded me of how Jesus pointed out to the Pharisees and Sadducees how they were able to state the obvious regarding the signs of the weather, but were blind to the signs from heaven.

Our leadership needs to be about both. We need an eye for the obvious. We need to be tuned-in to the environment and present circumstances all around us.

However, we also need a vision for the future. We need to see where we are going and what it will take to get there.

No creative or crafty approach will produce the kind of spiritual leaders God needs today. We need leaders who know the way and point people to it!

To Infinite And Beyond…

I love being a “papa.” Last week my wife and I were blessed to have three of our grandchildren around the house. I am sure you have figured out we watched “Toy Story.” Not just once, but at least 20 times (or so it seemed).

My three year old grandson, Malachi, loves this movie. He has many of the lines memorized. What I love is when he attempts to fly around the room saying “to infinite and beyond.”

As precious as it is to watch him, I cannot help but think about leadership.

The more we learn about spiritual leadership, the more our work is about the future.

What will the future be like for our children or grandchildren? What are we doing now to ensure the spiritual foundation for their future and ours?

Sadly, we often think about the future based on our time on earth. While this is important, we need to give serious thought to “infinite and beyond.”

Whether our life ends on earth or the Lord returns, there is a future where time and space cannot be measured. Let us be diligent to prepare for this future.

A Day Of Remembrance…

Today is a special day in the United States. It is a day when men and women who have served this country in the military, both past and present, are remembered.

The significance of Memorial Day connects us to family and friends who have and continue to serve.

What I remember about these men and women relates to the importance of this post.

1) I remember their volunteer spirit.
2) I remember their dedication.
3) I remember their love.
4) I remember their sacrifice.

These are only four of many reasons we could list why this day is one to remember. It is powerful to consider how these areas are connected because of a loyalty to family, friends, and country. They serve(d) to keep this country free.

Think about the connection to spiritual leadership. Our loyalty to family, friends and the church should be driven by the same spirit, dedication, love and sacrifice. Our desire to lead others to freedom from sin makes everyday worth remembering.

Even more significant is the memorial we celebrate each Sunday for our Savior who exemplified these same four areas.

Leadership Thought Of The Day…

“I do not know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.” Unknown

Most people desire success. No one wants to experience failure. One of the reasons why so many do not lead is because they are afraid to fail.

If everyone had this attitude, where would we be spiritually? If no one had the courage to lead, when they cannot please everyone, what would happen to the church?

Well, guess what? It is impossible to please everyone and Jesus warned about situations where everyone speaks well of you. Trying to please everyone is not only impossible it is extremely harmful to our leadership. It creates “minority rule” because the minority will be the voice speaking against the decisions of leadership.

Remember to lead with the Bible as the basis for all decisions.

Establish a clear set of reasons why the decisions are being made and guidelines for their fulfillment.

Make decisions with confidence.

Communicate the decisions clearly.

Understand not everyone will like or agree with all decisions and it’s okay.

The Conclusion Of The Matter…

The wisest man identified in the Old Testament was Solomon. He wrapped up the book of Ecclesiastes by saying, “the conclusion, when all has been heard: fear God and keep His commandments, because this applies to every person.”

The conclusion Solomon makes is true for any generation, culture, and country.

What is the conclusion of the matter when it comes to our leadership?

Are we able to summarize the whole of our purpose as leaders in simple terms with application to everyone?

Does our leadership point people to the One who has the answers for every aspect of life, both good and bad?

How will we answer when the conclusion of the matter concerning our leadership is called into account?

By now, most everyone is aware the world did not come to an end last Saturday, as some predicted. Imagine that! However, we know there is coming a day when it will end. When it does, and we stand before the throne of Christ, let us make sure the conclusion of the matter is clear regarding our leadership.

The Clock Is Ticking…

Time goes by faster the older I get. I grew up hearing the “older generation” make this statement. It never made sense because time seemed to move so slowly. My birthday never came around quickly enough. Summer vacation would never get here. Turning sixteen and being able to drive, well, that was an eternity away.

I can safely say, as I near my 50th birthday, I am becoming the “older generation.” Wow! I cannot keep up with time. I open my eyes in the morning just in time to go to bed again.

The clock is ticking.

In reality, we all have the same amount time moving at the same speed. We were born into the realm of time and it is ticking.

Spiritual leadership should focus attention on the realm of no time and where the clock is not ticking.

We cannot comprehend with our finite minds the eternal realm. It is impossible! By faith we know it exists and at some point we will be ushered from the temporal to the eternal.

We must be ready and we need to influence others to be ready as well.

Seat Belts…

Why are laws made to enforce wearing seat belts? Is it possible they are made simply to raise additional funds for the city justifying “click it or ticket”? Unlikely, but it would not be hard to convince some folks.

Regardless of our like or dislike of seat belts and affiliated laws, seat belts were designed to protect drivers and passengers in the event of accidents. Yes, I know of those who would have died had they been wearing a seat belt. I also know of those who would have died without them.

I am not looking to debate the benefit or detriment of wearing seat belts. However, it raises an important thought for leaders.

Spiritual leaders are to provide protection in the event of temptation, trial, struggle, and weakness. Our influence should create confidence in our ability to protect. What does this mean? Think about the similarities with the seat belt.

1) We must be there when the need exists.
2) We must connect with people to be useful.
3) We must protect without being uncomfortable.
4) We must create a signal when someone is unprotected.

Graduating Leaders…

This time of year always highlights a very special milestone in the lives of most families. High School Seniors have taken their final exams, written their last papers, and said goodbye to those they have grown close to over the years.

The same event occurred at the Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver yesterday. Twelve men and nine women walked to the stage and were honored for their accomplishments of the last two years. I loved the expression on their faces knowing they have taken their final exams, written their last papers, and said goodbye to those they have grown close to over the years. A sigh of relief would be an understatement.

The joy for me is found in knowing Bear Valley graduated a group of spiritual leaders in the Lord’s kingdom. They have been equipped, prepared to fulfill their specific roles and powerfully impact the eternal destiny of people around the world.

My prayer for them is to remain faithful to our God, to continue to be students of His word, and to proclaim His glorious word to the world wherever they go. Lead as God has prepared you.