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Lifelong Leadership…

Leadership is a lifelong process. Here are a few lessons to consider. 

Leadership is developed over time. God works to develop our leadership over a lifetime. He trains by giving us the experience we need. 

Developing a leader involves periods of suffering. These times may result in isolation, which helps us reflect and prepare for greater leadership.

Proper perspective is the goal of leadership development. When we recognize God’s hand in our life, our perspective changes, even when we suffer. 

If we trust in God’s working, we become the masterpiece He desires of us.

Trusting Leadership…

You may or may not remember the television show To Tell The Truth. Two of the three participants involved would lie about events and people in their lives in an effort to fool a panel of people questioning them.

Leadership must be different.

People only follow leaders they trust. As leaders, our character should stand on its own. We should always be a people of our word and of the Word. Jesus said, “Let your yes be yes, and your no, no.” 

There should never be a question as to our identity, and our character must exemplify the Christlike leadership we read about in the Bible.