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Coined in Aretha Franklin’s timeless classic, the idea is we all need just a little respect.

The discussion is interesting. Is respect given or earned? Should our respect be for a position and not a person (if we disagree with them)? How is respect lost… or gained? Should we respect everyone?

Respect in spiritual leadership needs serious consideration.

Is it one’s character or agenda that determines respect?

Is it being created in the image of God or one’s achievements that demands respect?

On what basis do we determine who should or should not receive our respect, and do we have this Biblical right?

Regardless of our religious, political or social agenda, Christ is clear about the manner in which we are to treat others. If we want others to show us respect, then we must show respect… first.

I pray we are always careful about our words and our actions. Both should be respectful, because of the influence we have as spiritual leaders.

It’s About Time!

We have all heard the idea presented, generally, when someone arrives late. Well, it’s about time you arrived.

However, think about this statement in a different light. It really is about… time.

How are we using our time as leaders?

In Paul’s letter to the Ephesians he emphasizes the need for us to “make the most of our time, because the days are evil.”

It is about time for us to step up and lead as God needs and demands.

It is also about using our time in a manner to fulfill the leadership needed for the home, community, government, and the Lord’s church.

When we really think about it more seriously, it’s about time!

Starting Or Finishing?

Several years ago, I heard someone say “it’s not how you start, but how you finish that makes the difference.”

Although I cannot remember the source, the significance is not lessened.

The concept is true in every area of life. It is true in sports. It is true in teaching. It is true in family, and it is true in leadership.

I have seen ideas that started with great excitement, but too quickly. The project began without much thought to potential problems. In the end what started well, finished a disaster.

I have also seen ideas start slowly, without as much excitement or momentum. However, the projects were well thought out and methodically approached. The problems were anticipated and resolved. In the end what started slowly, finished as a great success.

We need to approach leadership the same way. Leadership must be thoughtfully and methodically approached. Leadership must have the vision to anticipate problems and prepare to deal with them. If we start this way, how we finish will truly make a difference.


As our children were growing up, at the usual age, they began to ask, why?

I want you to brush your teeth. Why? It’s time for you to go to bed. Why? You need a good night’s sleep. Why? You have school tomorrow and you need to be alert. Why? Finally, in frustration, I would exclaim, because I said so!

Yet, this simple, one word question, is powerful in considering the decisions we make as spiritual leaders.

Why? Give it some thought.


What is it about distractions? “You’ve got mail” or a bell indicating another e-mail is in the box is all it takes.

When the vibration of our cell-phone goes off during a meeting, do we have to look?

Have we ever taken our eyes off the road while trying to text or read a text?

Do we look at someone or something passing by when we are engaged in conversation?

Is it hard to listen during a television program?

What is it that stops us from the task we are focused on to look another way? Why are we so easily distracted?

Spiritual leadership suffers when we are distracted. We have the vision before us. We have communicated the vision to others. The goals have been established. The plans have been activated, and then… we are distracted. Did the problem cause the distraction, or did the distraction cause the problem?

Did we take our eyes off the goal, even for a moment?

We can avoid distractions when we determine our goal, devote our emotional energy to the plan, dedicate our time and talent to the work, and act diligently.

Every Second Counts

As I write, in the background I hear the seconds ticking on the grandfather’s clock in our living room. It is early and quiet. The sound of each tick is almost deafening.

I am reminded of a powerful truth.

Time is the most precious and valuable commodity given to us. Every second counts.

The World Census Bureau claims 1.8 people die every second. By the time it takes you to read this post, 108 people will pass from this life to stand before God. I do not have to explain the value of each soul.

Spiritual leadership involves recognition of the precious nature of the soul.

Shepherds know the serious responsibility entrusted to them with each soul in their care.

Teachers know that implanting the word of God is able to save a soul and rescue them from hell.

The next time you have a quiet moment, listen to the sound of each tick on the clock and remember the value of time and precious nature of souls. Every second counts. Can we lead someone to Christ today?


Beauty, Health, Fit. These three words headline a satellite network program.

The idea speaks of the concept of image within our culture. We are all victims to some degree of this struggle.

We are concerned about the way we look and feel. We are also consumed with the way others look at us and think about us.

Several problems are presented.

First, most people want to find an easy way to an image without paying the price.

Second, cultural influences tend to dictate the direction of general thinking.

Third, the promotion of worldliness, rather than godliness, becomes normal.

From the standpoint of spiritual leadership, we need to learn the road of leadership is not easy. Leaders will always be in the minority.

The more secular our world becomes, the less God will be a part of it. As culture strives to remove God and replace Him with self, the challenge of image creates greater struggles for leadership.

Paul speaks against allowing worldliness to shape our behavior and the need for God’s word to shape our minds and conduct.

Lead as though our image depended on it… because it does.

Changing Lives

When we think about spiritual leadership, it extends far beyond the concept of some executive position. The concept is more than a title or even a responsibility. It can involve all of above.

However, spiritual leadership extends to every person. It is about changing lives. Today is a new day. This day is one God has given each of us. The opportunities of this day are opportunities to change the lives of those we meet.

There are people we will meet today we meet everyday, perhaps for years. How can will change their life?

There are people we may meet today we have never met before… and may never meet again. Can we influence them in a way to change their life forever?

Let us all take advantage of the opportunities God provides to change lives. I promise you it will not only change their life, but it will change ours.

The Journey

I love traveling with my wife. The time together is invaluable. We talk about various issues in our lives and in the church. We laugh together. Sometimes we cry together. We even work out the problems we have between us. She is an awesome traveling companion. The time we share is what makes the journey so wonderful. No matter how long or how short the trip I love the journey together.

Leadership should be the same. At times, we are so focused on the goals we forget the journey.

The journey is where we discuss the various issues.

The journey is where we laugh and cry together.

The journey is where we work out the problems, personal and professional.

The journey is about invaluable time together.

We are growing to know each other better. Finally, after reaching the goal, when we look back, perhaps we will realize it is all about the relationships built on the journey.

As a leader, make sure your traveling companions are ones you love making the journey with… together.

Living For The Cause…

I have to admit I love old reruns. Recently, I came across one of Big Valley. Do you remember Nick Barkley?

On this episode I heard a statement I thought was worth repeating and giving thought to regarding leadership. Victoria Barkley (matriarch of the family) said, “I would rather die for a cause than to live without one.” Think about the depth of this statement.

Far too often people live their lives without any understanding of THE cause worth dying for on earth. Sadly, most people live without any cause at all.

For many, life has become mundane to the routine of work, coming home to a few chores, watching a few hours of television, going to bed and starting all over. Seemingly, life’s only purpose surrounds living for the weekend. Perhaps saddest of all, it is to the exclusion of God.

If this sounds like your life, it is time to reevaluate. Spiritual leadership demands we know THE cause that requires our life. No, we may not physically die. However, if we are not willing to live for the cause of Christ, it is certain we would never be willing to die for Him.