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Gold Fish…

I am talking about a baked snack, a cracker in the shape of a fish.

To my 2 year old granddaughter it is a way to lead her papa a dozen times from the living room to the kitchen.

I have to admit, it does not take much for her to get my attention and move me into action. I guess it goes with being mighty cute. It could also have something to do with hearing the words; “papa, more again.” I am sure you grandfathers know exactly what I mean.

What does it take to get our attention and move us into action for the Lord?

Will seven billion people in the world, the majority of which are lost?

Perhaps there is the decline in morality that surrounds us.

Maybe it is the spread of error in unknowing hearts.

Could it be the grace of God given in the Savior who came to die on behalf of the world?

Whatever it is, our attention is needed and we must move into action to lead others to the only hope given to the human race.

Think Souls!

Leadership Thought Of The Day…

“Men are governed only by serving them; the rule is without exception.” V. Cousin

I know we have discussed the idea of being a servant leader in previous posts and we cannot emphasize the idea enough.

The power behind this thought is found in the last five words: “the rule is without exception.”

While there are many leadership styles, true spiritual leadership cannot succeed without being a servant of others. There is no exception.

Jesus said; “by this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” In the context of John 13, Jesus is teaching the necessity of being a servant of one another. Read the first part of the chapter and the lesson Jesus taught by His own example.

The impact of our leadership will be shaped by the way we serve others. If we understand the true definition of Biblical love, we cannot fulfill the new command given by Christ without being a servant.

Lead, but remember this thought.

Two Are Better Than One…

Solomon’s statement has many life applications. Spouses would quickly understand the importance of this idea. In reality, any intimate relationship is built on the explanation Solomon provides.

Two bring a good return for their labor. If one falls, they can be lifted up by the other. Two are able to keep warm. They can resist an external threat that could overpower one who is alone.

There are powerful relationships between life and leadership. I could not help but also think about the application to leadership.

The mindset of trying to do things on our own will ultimately fail. We need one another. There are at least 24 different “one another” passages throughout scripture. These passages teach us about the spiritual relationship and responsibility we have with one another.

When leadership uses these areas to strengthen relationships, the result will bring a powerful boost to our leadership.

When we fulfill the responsibilities outlined by the New Testament writers, the church will be strengthened.

Isn’t it time we build the kind of relationships to accomplish both?

Looking For A Connection…

Traveling around the world has me often looking for some way to connect to the internet. It is amazing to think how disconnected it feels when there is an extended period without the internet.

The connection is not about the internet. The internet is the tool through which we connect to family and friends. Without this connection something is missing, even empty.

The world has become dependent on the internet. A culture all its own has been created and it connects people around the world.

Since we are talking about the internet, try a Google search on leaders being connected. Within seconds you will discover nearly seven million articles on the subject. We cannot exhaust them all in a few lines in a leadership post.

Leaders must be connected to those who are following, but how? Here are 5 suggestions.

1) Get involved in their lives.
2) Be more transparent.
3) Give others something to believe in.
4) Relate individually.
5) Give genuine complements.

This connection creates a demonstration of love and care. It is not easy connecting to others. However, when we find ways to connect, it will work every time.


Businesses generally offer a raincheck for out-of-stock merchandise that is “on sale.” This process allows customers an opportunity to buy the merchandise at the sale price when restocked.

The benefit of this process helps build loyalty between the customer and business.

Loyalty is one of the most vital characteristics of leadership. Leaders must be loyal and create loyalty in those they influence. The question is how do we build the kind of loyalty needed in leadership?

Demonstrate trust: The trust we have in God must be exemplified in our service. We must also learn to trust in others. Perhaps this is why Solomon taught it’s importance.

Develop consistency and integrity: The decisions we make in leadership must be made on a standard of consistency and integrity. Without them, loyalty will be impossible.

Dedicate yourself: Dedication involves the highest level of commitment. We must be dedicated to God, others, and reaching the goal.

These are only three steps of many, but if we will take them we can build a solid foundation for loyalty. There is no raincheck when it comes to leadership. Establishing loyalty is priority #1.

The Leader Board…

Oddly enough, I like watching professional golf when I have an opportunity. I enjoy watching the precision and accuracy of the sport.

Each tournament has a leader board. The name of the golfer with the best score sits on top of the leader board. Other sports use a similar practice with a score board. Why? It is about winning!

We tell children it is not about winning, but about playing the game. If this is true, why do we keep score? Interesting!

It is about winning. A few years back, James Coker (preacher for the Woodland Park Church of Christ) did a lesson from 1 Corinthians 9. The point he made from the text was “winning is everything.”

Paul adjusted specific areas of his life “so that he might win” souls for Christ. He wanted to win the Christian race and receive the eternal reward.

However, as a spiritual leader, Paul knew winning was everything when it came to leading others.

Where are we on the leader board? Are we living in a way that we might win? Are we leading in a way that others might win?


Leadership Thought Of The Day…

“Leadership should be born out of the understanding of the needs of those who would be affected by it.” Marian Anderson

The world thinks of leadership as forcing others to do what leaders say. However, this quote reminds us leadership goes far beyond the world’s idea.

Spiritual leaders must consider the needs of others.

When leading someone to Christ, our efforts will never be successful if we attempt to force God’s word upon them. People must learn and understand the application of God’s word in their own lives. The idea of shoving it down people’s throats will not work, at least not Biblically.

We must also guard attempts to create undue guilt. Eloquent speakers often create guilt to get a response. Sadly, a response may come, but when the guilt no longer exists the next day, the motivation to change is no longer present.

We must understand the needs of others and lead in a Biblical manner to create an understanding of the need to change, teach how and why there should be a change and allow God’s word to work in a way to bring Biblical change.

Seeing The Unseen…

Moses was noted for his faith in seeing Him who is unseen.

Faith is defined in Hebrews 11 and identified through the activities of the faithful.

Spiritual leaders are people of faith. Primarily it involves faith in God. Without faith we do not have the power to please Him.

However, faith involves additional factors key to successful leadership.

Leaders must have faith in people. Even with our flaws, God entrusted His work to people.

Leaders must have faith in the purpose. God has provided us with the greatest purpose. He sent His Son to die for us and asks us to share the message with others.

Leaders must have faith in the plan. Goals are reached through working the plan. Once implemented, we need to believe it will accomplish God’s purpose.

Leaders must be people who see Him who is unseen. Peter wrote; “though you have not seen Him, you love Him, and though you do not see Him now, but believe in Him, you greatly rejoice with joy inexpressible and full of glory, obtaining as the outcome of your faith the salvation of your souls.”

Strength And Stability

Strength and stability are two powerful words needed within leadership.

Strength is the quality of being strong, possessing and demonstrating power.

Stability is an immovable foundation.

Our convictions must be built upon both.
Our character must possess both
Our courage must demonstrate both.

As leaders, we must be strong and immovable. Paul used this idea in his letter to the church at Corinth. In the conclusion of the letter, among several exhortations, Paul writes; “act like men, be strong.”

When leadership provides strength and stability the church will experience growth. Christians will develop greater confidence and assurance. More in the world will come to know the gospel.

Think souls.

A Word To The Wise…

Does this thought make any sense to anyone? The wise should not be receiving the word, but rather the unwise. However, it would seem scripture teaches quite the opposite.

The Bible is filled with many contrasts. Few seem as prevalent as the contrast between the wise and foolish.

Solomon said the wise quickly receive instruction.

Paul instructs us to act as wise men not as unwise.

Jesus indicated the wise to be those who hear His words and act upon them. The foolish hear His words, but do not act upon them.

There should be much wisdom in leadership. This is even more true in spiritual leadership. Many are following and looking for someone to provide answers, to lead.

Leadership is not ours alone. Our leadership should be based on the direction we receive from the Lord.

A word to the wise should be a word from the wise and it would be wise to listen to the Lord.